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Whirlpool duet dryer


I need a service manual for a whirlpool duet dryer. Model WED9200SQ0

What's wrong with it?

Thank you for the response. I found what I needed. I am interested in buying the CD with the manuals. I would like to know how new it is. I am looking for more resent appliances. 

Hard for me to answer just how new it is.

I started collecting appliance service manual .pdf files years ago for my own personal use.

I'm still collecting them today. As I search for new manuals for myself and our members if I find one that has not already been added to the collection then it get's added.

So there are older service manuals on the disc, but many current ones too. Building the "Service Manual Collection DVD/CD" is a on going process. Some of the more resent service manuals that have been added to the disc are from LG.

Hope that helps.

What did you end up finding wrong with the duet dryer?

A heater and thermal fuse.


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