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Maytag mah4000aww service manual

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It was only noisy in the spin cycle then?

Yes.  Only in spin.

If it only made the noise in spin I don't know what else it could be other then the tub bearings.

It's not making any noises at all as I spin it by hand.  Feels very good as well.

I was a confused about a couple things when taking readings on the water valve.  The four units which all look alike measured at 1.085 approximately, while the unit in the middle measure nothing.

I'm having issues loading pictures (not sure how to link to them on here), so here's some link to some shots that show readings on the pumps, solenoid???, and wax motor.

When I click on your photo links i get...
Error 404 - Not Found

Photos can be added as attachments.
There is a option at the bottom of the text box when you creating a post that let's you add attachments.


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