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Maytag mah4000aww service manual

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--- Quote ---My maytag neptune finally bit the dust.
--- End quote ---

What exactly is wrong with the washer now?

Does the door lock? Does the door lock light come on?
Does the motor try and run at all.

--- Quote ---It's not making any noises at all as I spin it by hand.  Feels very good as well.
--- End quote ---

I would still remove the rear panel and pulley and take a look at the bearing. It only takes a minute to do.

I screwed up the addresses.  They're fixed now.  Give a try.

I've already looked in back.  Have panel off will photo.

Here's what it looks like in back.

Followed proceedure to check for current at motor control board.....start stop switch will not operate.  Cannot find power at any point beyond machine control board.  Not sure how to check further.

Redid procedure.  Power is at the motor control board, delay light is on.


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