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Maytag mah4000aww service manual

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My maytag neptune finally bit the dust.  It's been making a god awful noise for about three years now and I figured before I junked it, I'd give it a go now.  Wish I had had this much time on my hands two years ago, but you know how it goes and we figured we'd probably just buy a new one when it finally gave up on us.

Anyway, I saw there was a download available when I googled, if I start a discussion and asked, so I'm asking.  Please give me link to the service manual and I will thank you in advance.

Meantime, I'm going down in the basement and check that r11 resistor on the control board.



Service manual sent via PM.

I would suspect the noise is coming from the drum bearings. Is it noisy when you spin the tub by hand?

I would remove the back panel and see if you notice a greasy water trail running down from the rear drum bearing behind the pulley.

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the download.  I'm reading up on the electrical testing procedures and will begin tomorrow.  My wife wants me to just forget this 13yr old and get a new one.
I check the drum spin and it is fine and quiet.  I can't imagine where that horrid noise was coming from, as I thought the same as you.  It has been very loud and grinding sounding, so I thought it was a bearing for sure.

I did a few things like trying to get the pump to work, and that doesn't seem to want to happen, but, when I put it in spin cycle, the motor rotated the drum one way approximately 5 revolutions and then back the other way about two revolutions and then stopped.  No water was ejected.

The start/stop button seems to be locked up and the door lock switch seems to be operational.

There were no burnt resistors on the main control panel.

Could be a noisy recalculating pump, part # 22002792 or noisy drain pump, part # 22003059

When was it making the noise?

As for it not running now I would check to see if the door lock wax motor (part # 22002119) is working and look for damage on the motor control board, part # 12002039

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

The noise has been going on for a couple of years.  It's very loud and sounds more like two gears spinning together very fast with no oil rather than an actual grinding noise.  Put me in mind of my old Muncie transmission when I'd downshift at high speed. 8)


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