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Author Topic: Samsung DMT800RHS/XAA Fix  (Read 3796 times)

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Samsung DMT800RHS/XAA Fix
« on: January 10, 2013, 01:12:16 PM »

Hello fellow fixers,

I have another recent fix on this dishwasher. 

The symptom was that the detergent dispenser would not open.  After searching various websites for a service manual I came up with nothing.  I found the fast track troubleshooting guide on Appliance Junk and found the "No dispense" section.  With a service call running at $90 plus $60/hour+parts I decided to open it up even though I have no experience with dishwashers.  There are 10 phillips head screws that need to be removed to get the outer door panel off.  The two screws on either side of the latch mechanism do NOT need to be removed.  The outer door must then be pulled up about an inch or so to get it off.

After getting the outer door off it was instantly obvious what the problem was.  The gray wire connecting the wax motor to the wiring harness had broken off.  It is hard to understand how this could have happened since there is little to no movement of the wire when opening and closing the door.  Removing the metal female spade portion from the plastic portion of the connector was a bit of a pain.  In the photos you can see that there are two "ramps" that lock the connector in position.  I wound up inserting two toothpicks into the connector while pushing the metal portion from the front.  The remaining wire was a bit short so I spliced in another piece and added a new female spade terminal. 

Reattaching the outer door was also a bit of a challenge.  On each side of the outer door there is a  raised tab that must be located properly in order to be able to lower the outer door into position.  Once it was all back together the detergent is once again dispensing.  Hooray!

I hope this helps a fellow fixer.

Take care,

G. Underhill

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Re: Samsung DMT800RHS/XAA Fix
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2013, 01:19:00 PM »
Awesome! Could have been over crimped or stressed at the factory.  :D


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