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Hello Fellow Fixers,

I've had a Samsung DMT800RHS/XAA dishwasher for almost 2 years.  I thought I would post my solution to one problem that has cropped up with this machine in hopes that someone with the same problem could benefit.

The first problem is  the upper rack adjusters.  Two months after installation the machine would fill with water, but not start the wash cycle.  It would drain, but not wash.  Since it was under warranty Samsung sent a tech to have a look.  The tech had seen this same problem before with this machine.  Sure enough he was correct.  The poorly designed and tested upper rack adjusters have small plastic tabs that attach the rack to the adjusters.  The tabs quickly weaken, break off, and find their way down to the impeller and keep the motor from turning.  Two new adjusters were ordered and installed.  The new pair lasted about 6 months, and the third pair about the same.  My solution (although not elegant) is to use one cable tie on the lower section of each adjuster, wrapping it around the wire portion of the rack.  As you can see from the photo, the third pair of adjusters had started to fail when I made this repair.  So far I have not had any more trouble with the adjusters.  I broke off the tabs that were already showing signs of fatigue to avoid having to retrieve them from the impeller.

I hope this helps someone with the same problem.

Happy fixing,

G. Underhill

Nice, thanks for posting.  O0

Sorry to bring up an old topic, however, I think the topic starter deserves some praise. I've had this exact same problem and wanted to thank you for providing a great solution.  :thanks:

Hi GUnderhill,
I have a similiar problem in that the unit drains then won't continue. I guess something else (brackets are still ok) is in the motor because it won't turn on. Can I start taking out screws on the bottom cover, will that take me to the motor? (see whats in the motor)

Ahhh GUnderhill,
I took off some screws and then some more and found this is the motor!
Thanks a lot, You saved me a bundle!


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