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Maytag dishwasher MDBH979AWW3 lower rack problem


This is a fairly new dishwasher with a stainless tub. The lower rack will fall off of the tub rails when it is rolled in with a full load. Either the tub is too wide or the rack not wide enough. I was hoping someone would know if there was a service pointer for this problem.

I had one with this issue a few months back. Thought the customer had screwed the sides of the tub into the cabinet (had it happen before) and it wasnt. Called the $ears tech line and they said there was an issue with tubs made wrong from the factory and the tub would need to be replaced. If this is a new d/w, you'll need to call whirlpool and get them to send a new tub.

There might be a service pointer, but not totally sure.

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Make sure the wheels are attached correctly and the basket is inserted correctly.
A backwards basket will do this.

I have attached a service pointer that addresses this problem.

That is what I needed. Thank you


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