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Frigidaire FPHD2491KFO will not drain completely

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Let us know if the new pump solves the problem.   O0

Well, I installed the new pump and things seemed to be working fine until this weekend.  Water is standing in the bottom of the dishwasher.  I tried running it through the rinse only cycle and after a minute canceling the operation.  When I did this previously it would cause the water to pump out.  I could not get the pump to engage at all.  Any ideas?


Hose plugged ?Drain hose.

My 5 year old Frigidaire d/w (model number unknown) does not drain dry at the end of the last rinse cycle. I speculate that the engineers wanted water to remain in the bottom of the washer compartment to steam when the drying element comes on during the drying cycle thereby providing steam sterilization of the contents. After the dishwasher completes the end of cycle and is off, I can manually pump out the remaining water by pressing the start button twice and stopping the pump out by pressing the same button. I believe this is a deliberate feature. Also, I would further speculate that some water remaining in the washer cabinet keeps seals leak free.

But, I am no expert so comments are welcome and solicited.   :popcorn:

Plugged drain hose. Remove and clean.  :D


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