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Frigidaire FPHD2491KFO will not drain completely

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if you have a sink full of water and let it drain out it will go into the dw if hose is not higher than the bottom of the sink.

I have seen a lot of buildup of grease in drain hoses, remove drain hose & flush with hot water to remove grease.

Wire a test cord up to that puppy and dump water in the tub. Not much to it, just a pump and hose. Just had a similar Frigidaire only months old to find the drain hose 100 percent plugged with food/gunk/grease. Cleared and instructed the customer to rinse dishes fully. ANYHOW, these pumps are not very strong, so any restriction will leave water in the tub as the drain cycle time is programmed and the machine does not know there is water still in tub. :D

You know how dryers have "clean lint filter after every load" embossed on the filter. Sinks ought to have "do not pour grease down the garbage disposal". Of course most of my ideas to improve appliances would take away a lot of my easy money calls.

Mack Man Stan was the OP. I posted (impolite of me) and seem to have confused the issue  :oops:. I will start another separate thread dealing with my issue.

Sorry Mack Man.


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