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Whirlpool’s future home is a tech marvel

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The world of technology is evolving for sure.   Look at what is available today in some autos!   I would not pay for those because I don't want to figure out how to work them!   But it is great advertising fodder, and I expect we will see the same the very high end appliances.

Now, the first time a homeowner has to get an expensive consult from the Geek Squad to fix his washing machine, he may start having second thoughts!    I don't know how all you great techs keep up with the digital controls on todays appliances.   Learning the internet interface will be a whole new challenge for you!!!!!!

An Internet interface would be welcome.  Punching  button combos and translating flashing LED's is cumbersome.  Also, when the diagnostic test hits a bump, and stops, you could restart at the next step.

But for true functionality, every item that contacts the machine needs to be labeled with rfid.  Lingerie that needs delicate wash, sweaters that need low temp dry, beer that should be 32.5 degrees, frozen pizzas that need to be replenished all need rfid tags so the appliance can handle them.

Putting TV's and stereos in appliances is simply a bunch of crap.  ;D


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