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Whirlpool’s future home is a tech marvel

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--- Quote ---The appliance maker also showed off the CoolVox refrigerator, that uses Bluetooth to blast your Spotify playlists from a speaker in its door.
--- End quote ---

Seems I have been hearing about smart "internet" type of appliances since the mid to late 1990's, but have never seen any such appliances in the real world.

Is there really that much of a market for such appliances?

There will be. The 35 and younger crowd has grown up with technology. The smart phones and tablets will become even more integral to their lives. My 9 year old granddaughter is so tech savvy. She was here yesterday downloading Minecraft to our computer. Watching her I felt like I was getting farther behind with this stuff. You can already control things around the house with you phone. By the time she is ready to leave home, she will expect it to do more. I think the only thing keeping people from buying these new appliances is the price. But that will come down. More and more houses are being built with the wiring needed for this. The good Lord willing I've got 25 to 30 years left, maybe I'll live in a house where I can check the refrigerator inventory when I'm at the grocery store.

I heard where the next thing is the power meter ( supplied by the power company on your house) will be able to "talk" to the appliance and have it run during certain hours to save electricity. They already send the billing info. from the meter to the office, so no more meter reader.  Maybe it will cause more trouble than it's worth. Big brother here we come! They will know what refrigerator we own,washer and such.

Note to self: Duck Tape Tablet to ice box high tech redneck :D

Come to think of it velcro might work!

I've been hearing about this for many years.    Remember Microwave dryer,  The Refrigerator with the TV in the door,  the great Polara oven that was also a combo refrigerator/oven.     Many innovations,  but for the masses of people who make the average, lower wages,   I don't believe you'll see it.    I think I will be many years retired before the smart technology becomes standard in appliances.     But,  if not,  hey ---more stuff to break down and repair.   So why worry about it.   


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