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Let us know how it turns out for you or if you have any other questions.

Thanks for posting.  O0

Just to let you know just where I am with my washer.

I changed the belt, the idler pully wheel and cleaned up eveything and put the motor back in.

Now the motor just sits there and HUMS.  It will spin (using timer) but nothing else.

SOOOO  what did I do wrong???   Or now do I have a new problem?  Can you buy a new motor switch?  How do I check the motor start switch and start windings are they talking about inside the motor switch itself.  My schematic is not that good.   What kind of readings should I have and do I check it with the motor in place in the washer and the power on or do I pull the motor and check it outside the washer?  The motor I have is 40096303 3-speed with this transmission 27001038.

Thanks......................I really need help now.................I'm running out of clean clothes :2funny:

Glenda :'(

Does everything turn freely by hand with the belt removed?
Does the motor run ok with the belt removed?


--- Quote from: AJ on January 18, 2013, 12:52:42 PM ---Does everything turn freely by hand with the belt removed?
Does the motor run ok with the belt removed?

--- End quote ---

Yes ------everything turns freely by hand with belt on and belt removed.

No------- Motor hums all time that it is on.


On amana, make sure you grab the transmission pully,  turn it clockwise and make sure it turns freely,  then turn it counterclockwise and make sure it turns freely.     Alot of these amana's end up having transmission problems.   

If that is ok,  and this may sound stupid,  but when re-wiring the motor (putting in connector and putting 2 wires on capacitor),  did you wire capacitor right?   
There are usually 4 terminals on the Start cap,   and you want to make sure that you have one wire on each set of terminals,  not on the same terminal.   If you did,  motor would hum.     

If that is not the case,   motor might be bad.   Try running without belt and see what happens.   


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