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--- Quote from: Wedgeman55 on January 25, 2013, 01:38:31 AM ---On amana, make sure you grab the transmission pully,  turn it clockwise and make sure it turns freely,  then turn it counterclockwise and make sure it turns freely.     Alot of these amana's end up having transmission problems.   

If that is OK,  and this may sound stupid,  but when rewiring the motor (putting in connector and putting 2 wires on capacitor),  did you wire capacitor right?   
There are usually 4 terminals on the Start cap,   and you want to make sure that you have one wire on each set of terminals,  not on the same terminal.   If you did,  motor would hum.     

If that is not the case,   motor might be bad.   Try running without belt and see what happens.   

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your advice.  Yes did the turning counter and clockwise, everything turns freely.
Interesting about the capacitor.  My neighbor took the wires off the capacitor, he isn't home right now but he did mark the capacitor with the colors of the wires and it looks like violet is on one terminal and the red is on the other terminal so if this is the way he put it back on then yes wires are correct.  I will check with him later.  Did the motor running without belt thing and it stilled hummed.  We really think it is the Motor Switch on the motor but of course can't get just that.

I have ordered a new motor and will make sure the capacitor is right.  Have to wait awhile for the motor.
So how else can I tell if  the transmission is bad?  Oh great don't want to go to the expense of putting a new one of those in.

Also the bell drive is really weird, it looks like the nose of the space shuttle, I know it sounds stupid but it really does.  All the parts stores want to sell me the shorter version and I keep telling them that's not the right one and they don't believe me.  I think I have the 15 series and am unsure of some of the parts that really belong to it in the diagrams I have, just hope I don't need to order more parts
Do you have the TECH SHEET RT3100024, I have the SERVICE MANUAL(Maytag) and the PARTS LIST.(Amana)

Do you know the part number of the, I don't know what else to call them but dogs, they were below the bell drive above the seal and hub.  These don't show up on my PARTS LIST.  They are not splines are they?  My PARTS LIST shows filter, o-ring seal looks like hub and bearing and bolts for the inner tub diagram. Is it part of the Triple Lip Seal/Bearing Kit.

Well again thanks for the advice I will follow it when we get the Motor. ......... :thanks:Glenda


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