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Is the Idler Pully Wheel suppose to spin freely?

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Yes, the idler pulley wheel should spin free.

What's all wrong with your washer?

It started agitating slowly and then stopped.  Some water came out the front of the machine on the floor.

I was told by another site that it was the belt, bell and seal.  The bell they sent is not the correct one.  The one taken from my washer has a pointed nose on it.  I have the parts list for my model and it is y2200109 they say thats what they sent me but there is no way it will work.  I have NOT taken the inner parts nor the inner tub nor outer tub out.   
I will replace the belt on the motor but noticed the Idler Pully Wheel does not spin.  So I will replace that along with the thrust washers.  Do I need to replace the shaft(inside the idler wheel) and the retaining clip too?

I have the "Repair Parts List" 2005 for Maytag has helped me a lot.  I also have the "Service Manual for Amana" it has helped also except I find my washer is somewhat different then the pictures.  I have the 15 series I believe and some of the pictures are not of the 15 so some of the parts look different.  According to the parts list my transmission should be 40032701 but mine has a longer spindle then the one pictured.
My parts connected to the tranny don't look like what is on page 20, 21 of the service manual, so I am reluctant to remove them.  According to the Parts list I would need the Triple Lip Seal and Bearing Kit Y2200460.  I don't even know what these parts are called let along be able to identify them when and if the right ones were to come.  Like I said the service manual shows different pictures and calls the parts by different names.  I think my washer is 10 years or more old.  Makes a difference.

So I thought I would start with the belt, idler pully wheel, replace those and then fire it up and see what happens.  If it leaks, then I will need to go further if not yeah!!.

Much thanks to and for all the  help & documents they have emailed me.  :thanks:


--- Quote ---Do I need to replace the shaft(inside the idler wheel) and the retaining clip too?
--- End quote ---

Depends on how it looks, but I have always just replaced the wheel.

OK.  I need to find the tool that removes retaining clips and I will see what it looks like.

thanks for your help.

Glenda :thanks:


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