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Maytag MDG32PC Thermostat


Does anybody know the part number for the thermostat in the Maytag MDG32PC commercial dryer.  I also need to get a service manual for it.



Are you talking about the one I pointed to with a red arrow in the attached diagram, part # A130107 THERMOSTAT, LARGE (160 DEG.)

I could not find a service manual for that model. Maybe another tech will have one for us.

I've looked at the diagram from another similar model that matches your diagram.  I'm just not sure if that is the right thermostat.  I pulled the thermostat out of the unit tonight to see if I could find a part number on it but I was out of luck.  The full Model # of mine is MDG32PC3B1.  I can't find any information on it anywhere.



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