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Crosley CDE 6000W won't start Please help

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My dryer just stopped running and would not start back. I have checked all the obvious thing likes lid switch, fuses, overloads, etc. to no avail. I am getting 240v to rear of dryer. I also installed a new timer.  Paid a local service man $55 to check it and he couldn't find the problem either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have any voltage at the motor?

If you have voltage to the motor, but the motor does not run then replace the motor.

If you do not have voltage to the motor then I would trace it back with a multimeter to see why not.

Here is the wiring diagram for your dryer.

Also check the wires going to the door switch. Seems to me I had one a while back like this model were the wires to the door switch come unclipped from the side of the cabinet and one of them rubbed on the dryer drum until the wire broke.

Ok, Thank you so much for the help. Would you happen to know the color of the two wires that I should have 120 volts on going into the motor?

Purple and White.


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