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Maytag Performa not heating

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Hi all

Initially my Maytag Dryer stop working . So ordered the thermal kit and replaced the Hi-limit thermostat and the thermal fuse (with the pink dot for electric dryer).  Now the dryer works, however itís not heating.
Can someone tell me what could be the problem. 

Thanks in advance


What is the model number?

Hi the model number is PYET344AZW



One of the terminal wires that connects to the heating element was not pluged. So I pluged the wire and now it heats.  The thing is when I opened up the top of the dryer to change the fuses, only one of the terminal was connected to the heating element, so not sure why or how the other terminal was disconnected.

The question is, should both of the terminal wire be connected to the heating element?


It ain't gonna work with out both wires connected to it. Did you check the blower wheel for looseness? That is the main cause for failure on these but the loose heater wire could have also tripped the limit. Seen it.


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