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Bosch shu43c07uc/17 Dishwasher Pump and heater assembly replacement

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I have a model shu43c07uc/17 Bosch dishwasher that was flooded in hurricane Sandy.
It will need entire pump assembly underneath replaced etc etc
How do I disassemble the lower section to access the parts?
Looks like I have to remove inner drain screen and remove screws from top of pump, but then how do I get the entire bottom chassis off the unit?
Im sure I can figure it out but better get some tips and tricks from the pros on here.
Thanks for any assistance.

Did you get it figured out?
I have never worked on a Bosch dishwasher.

With all the techs we have around here surly some knows.


I have the manual,but it is too large to post.
Not an easy D/W to work on.

Well after jumptrout51 said he had the service manual I took a second look.

I found this one and uploaded it to our site. Is this the same one you have jumptrout51?;sa=view;down=444


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