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Kitchenaid (whirlpool) drop in elec range selector switch arcing M#KEDT105SBL1


This part #3148119 is NLA. A couple of places on the web say they have it as special order, but the price seems too cheap.

The thing arced and definitely fried.  It continues to arc and kill the breaker when you try to reset it.  The arcing is from a large red cable, to a black cable that is hooked up to a three-prong male connector w/other wires (I don't remember color).  It is so bad that the red wire connector is almost melted completely away.  I can't get into the switch as of yet to see what is happening inside.

My question is this: Does this arcing (outside the switch body) indicate a switch problem, or could this be caused by a wiring harness or other issue?  Seems odd that it'd arc from one connector to another, outside the switch body.

Any ideas?

Anybody have a wiring diagram / manual? 

My guess is that this'll be condemned, but I'd like to know a bit more about it.

Another consideration is that the customer would like to preserve this for a while.  If the cooktop could be made available, then they could use the wall oven for baking. 

Without a wiring diagram, I wouldn't want to mess around trying to save it.

I also looked for the switch and did not have any luck.
I have attached a copy of the tech sheet.

Sweet!!  :thanks:


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