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Kenmore Range Burning Food

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Sounds good, keep us update.  O0


--- Quote from: ScottyMo1 on January 13, 2013, 10:10:41 AM ---Just a quick update. I was scheduled to have this call Thursday, but the customer did not recieve the parts (shocking for the company I work for  ;)). So it's resch. for Tues.

--- End quote ---

Uh oh. Did you get a talking to for 16'ing the call?  I always get a phone call within 5 minutes of hitting the OK button...

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No I had called routing to track the parts, and they told me to resch the call. Our tech manager is too busy with conference calls and meetings etc. to be involved with actually managing techs...

Update.... Replaced the ignitor ran temp test. Oven is avg. 352 degrees, I can't make any better than that....


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