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Kenmore Range Burning Food

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Ran a call today on a Kenmore slide in model 911.36665897 (GE built). Customer complaint burning food. Since Sept. previous techs replaced control board and the sensor has been replaced twice. I started by running temp test 3 high temps, 3 low temps divide by 6 etc. after 20 minute preheat. I came up with avg. of 367. What concerned me was the ignitor would glow and it took about 90 seconds to get a flame, and the temp swings seemed very extreme. Example Low = 316 High = 436. This seems like a huge swing to me. Anyone have any ideas? I ordered an ignitor and control valve and scheduled to go back next Thurs.

Was the sensor just plugged in or did they cut the quick connection out? I saw one case where the quick connect was full of grease. When it was bypassed the original sensor started working.

I agree.  Check sensor connections and double check the sensor resistance at the control board.  It should be 1080Ω at room temperature.  Also check the electrical connection to the ignitor. If it's been spliced two or three times it can cause issues with the valve not opening/closing at the right times. 

Sensor was cut and spliced. Resistance is 1080 at room temp. I did not look at the ignitor before I fired it up, but that's why I ordered that and a valve. I resch with myself as mandatory tech, but Low, you know how that can go, right? I will update next week. That's if I get the call back..... :thanks:

Just a quick update. I was scheduled to have this call Thursday, but the customer did not recieve the parts (shocking for the company I work for  ;)). So it's resch. for Tues.


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