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Has anyone figured out a difinitive repair that will stop the TOD from blowing on a whirlpool branded slide in or wall oven .Went out on a kitchen aide dual fuel slide in today that quit during self clean and of course the TOD was open (it usually is ) .Phoned the tech line and was told to check the door ,check the vents ,check the blower,check the installation etc etc .After all these years whirlpool still hasn't got a handle on this issue .I found nothing wrong anywhere so I just changed the part.I smell a callback in my future.

I sometimes modify the TOD so it doesn't contact the sheet metal. No recalls on those ones. And no house fires...

I think it was GE that says to put two washers to move the TOD away from the sheet metal to reduce inadvertent blow outs.

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My buddy a fellow tech does that but I guess I'm a bit scared of my liabilty if something were to happen .

I have always oiled the cooling fan(with synthetic oil) and never gone back on one. Whirlpool had me change the fan on 2 control panel issues from overheating and since then ( 8-9 years ago) I oil the fan and never see them again.


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