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GE bottom freezer fridge not defrosting regularly,model PDS20MBWCBB

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My customer has a GE bottom freezer fridge model PDS20MBWCBB,with defrosting problem.I replaced the main computer board and the freezer and evaporator thermistors,it's still not defrosting.The heater and the defrosting thermostat are good.I found some info about self diagnosing and testing the models with digital cold controls with single digit display from 0-9.But this model has single digit freezer temp control from -6to8 Fahrenheit and 2 digit fresh food temp control from 34-47 Fahrenheit.So I cannot use that info to find the problem.I think I read from GE literature that I could buy a tool that is similar to the single digit display,plug it in,then I can perform the diagnosting.I cannot find out what that part # is.Anybody  knows what that part # is?Or knows how to perform the diagnosting on this model?Please help!

This may help.

May have a bad new board.Installing another board would be the way to go my opinion.

But make sure your fresh food fan is ok or you will cook the new board. Seen it.

Hello dab & JWWEBSTER,thanks for the part #s and the instructions and hints about the fresh food fan motor.I will  try to find the parts and conduct the tests.I will let you guys know about this repair.This info is very invaluable. :tiphat:


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