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How do you replace the lower hidden bake element in a Thermador sec302 double wall oven


I can't find any information on that model and have never worked on one myself.

Maybe another tech can tell us for use, but I would guess if you can't access the element by removing the floor of the oven then you will have to remove the oven from the wall so you can access the element from the rear.

Thanks, I'm coming up dry with any info on this as well. Looks like a well kept secret. But one good thing is that while looking up any info, I found that there was a recall on this model. I was never notified. So I called Thermador and have a technician coming to fix the insallation problem. While he's here, I'll ask him to expalin how to remove the element. If he has to remove the wall oven to fix the recall problem, I'll pay for the coil and replace it now. Well, that my plan anyway.

Sounds like a good plan to me.
Please let us know how it turns out.

Thanks for posting.

Oh, btw what was the recall for that oven about?


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