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Whirpool Calypso GVW9959KQ2



I need help in trying to determine what the cause is for my CI error message.  originally it had the CA error, i checked and replaced the belt since it was broken.  Now i get the CI error roughly at 69-71 seconds into the diagnostic mode.  I was also able to determine that the motor and pulley assembly can spin freely with out the belt attached.  once the belt is attached i can spin it freely clockwise, but when attempting to go counter clockwise, the belt is very hard to turn.. seems like it's brake is engaged.  any thoughts on what i can check?


Motor over-amp condition. Strings in pump OR wrong detergent. If it is wrong detergent it will go to 6 mins left and quit mostly. You ain't gotta take the drum out like I did, the bottom plate is removable and gives access to the pump. Take the pump apart and get the strings out. Clic pic to enlarge.   Service Manual


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