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maytag drier model mde8000ayq takes too long to dry clothes

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the drier motor went out.  i replaced it.  about a month later i notice that the moisture meter no longer shows anything.  the light just stays on on the bottom.  the clothes take two to three times to dry.   cleaned all lint from the tube and  took screen housing off and cleaned it.  when the motor was replaced i but a new blower wheel on also.  the heating element comes on and  works fine.  the cycle swithed ohmed out good.  the thermostat ohmed out good.   plenty of good airflow.  i jumped the cycle switch and tried that, but still takes two times to completely dry.  what am i missing.   oh. . the moisture bar checked out fine too.  but i even went ahead and replaced it  becauase i had a new spare one.

Dryers really just do three things. They tumble so that there can be some separation in the clothes. They heat the air to change the liquid water into vapor, and they pull air through the drum to remove the moist air. If you feel heat during the cycle you have to think that air movement is the problem. Pull the dryer away from the wall, disconnect the vent, and dry a load to see if it makes a difference. I recently had to crawl under my house to clean our vent for this very reason. Dryers will move lots of air but not with any great pressure. They don't make moisture disappear, they just move it somewhere else.

 the dryer is already pulled from the wall.  the duct  is disconnected.  the tube has been cleaned and screen is clear.  there is no lint anywere left to clean it has all been sucked up.  i noticed the moisture meter does not read anything any longer it just stays on the bottom scale instead of moving  from top to bottom as the clothes dry.  the heating element is new. the air flow is great.  but it takes two to three times to dry clothes.

So if the dryer has been running for 40 minutes and you opened the door to check the clothes would they feel hot? If the moisture sensing system were not working, the dryer would either shut off early or not shut off at all. no matter how fancy the dryer is, the three basic functions still are the important things. Do a timed dry and see what happens after 40-5- minutes.

Might be a burr on the contact inside the timer.


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