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whirlpool refr. not makeing enough ice

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hey I'm a appliance repair tec with AAA appliance and I cant find out why the icemaker inside of the refr. is only making 2 or 3 ice cubes, the model is (ED5HHAXVQ01) and the ice maker part number is (W10122502) iv checked the water valve and its fine and already replaced the ice maker with the part number posted and still it not make enough ice


Kind of sounds like it's simply not getting enough water. If you have good water flow to the refrigerator then about the only thing left to do that I can think of is to replace the water inlet valve.

Is this a new install or something that has been working fine up until now?
It's not connected to a Reverse Osmosis Systems by chance? Them things give me more problems.

Thanks for posting.

Water filter clogged?

I'm not sure JW, but I think only the drinking water is filtered by the built in filter on this model.

Did you get the problem figured out?  :popcorn:


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