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GE Profile Wall Oven JF915S0F1SS --- Noisy Convection Fan

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Bought a used wall oven that was in great shape. Works fine, except on the convection mode, the convection fan is very noisy. I hear both the air noise of the fan as well as vibration in thie unit.

Looked at the fan, and there may be a bit of runout (e.g. not exactly balanced) but other than that, looks OK. None of the fan blades bent or anything.

Is there a common fix? I could replace the fan rotor itself, or the entire fan+motor?

A service manual would help ... any pointers?

Thanks for any help. This site has kept a number of appliances from the dump, and appreciate all the professional help available here.

Not having ANY luck with that model number. I personally, would replace both. :D


The model number is what I said (at least what the sticker says), but doesn't come up will on the sites.  Similar models:  JS915SF1SS ('no 'zero' in it) seems to be similar.

I'm leaning on what you said; maybe a bent fan shaft or something. The motor bearings didn't feel 'wobbly'.

Any lead on a service manual?

Ooos., misspelled;   JK915SF1SS is a similar model that seems to be represented on the Parts Sites...

GE drops the 0 in some of there model numbers.


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