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Refrigerator making noise/ ice maker not working properly

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Six days ago, my refrigerator started making an unusual noise - a breathing noise. (Model # FRS26R4CW3.)  My sister says it sounds like someone's stomach growling loudly. The noise occurs every 25-30 seconds and lasts for 2 seconds each time. Yesterday, I noticed that the ice maker wasn't making very much ice. Normally, it drops down a tray of ice every hour or so, but now it takes about 6-7 hours to drop down a tray of ice. Plus, I normally can hear when the tray fills with water but I am not hearing it anymore. But obviously water is getting in the tray somehow because it makes little ice. (It still makes the breathing sound.)  Any idea what could be the problem?

What is the temperature in the freezer and refrigerator?

Both are set at the factory setting 3 1/2. They seem to be cooling/freezing properly.

No, what is the temperature.
The freezer should be 0-5 Deg. F. and the refrigerator about 38 Deg. F.

Frig= 45, Freezer= 20.
This is not good.


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