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LG DLEX2501 Powers up but turns off when the start button is pressed

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I have a LG DLEX2501 dryer that is powering up but shuts off when I press the start button.  There are no codes present when I go into the diagnostic mode.  When I try to advance through the options it will power off when I hit the start button.  I can hear the main relay click/energize, the drum tries to rotate then the display turns off.  I have replaced the control board and the display board, checked continuity on everysensor with the exception of the steam side of the dryer.  Tried rotating the drum while pressing the door sensor, didn't work.  I even tried jumping the sensors with no success.  I had a repairman come check it out and he pointed me towards the display board.

This dryer only has 1.5 years at the most of use on it.  Please help!  I really don't want to buy another dryer.

Thanks in advance for any help with this problem.

Sounds like a INCOMING power issue. Verify 240 VAC at the terminal block. Keep leads connected and power up then press play. Verify power is still there and has not dropped out when machine shuts down. Another way to verify the machine is OK would be to- Unplug from outlet. Flip both HOT(120 VAC) connections and leave nuutral in center of block. Power up and run the machine. It should power on fine and run, just NO heat. What is happening is a house power connection has become so loose, burned, or corroded that when the drum motor calls for some amperage, it opens the 120 VAC leg UNDER LOAD. Last dryer this happened too, had 4'' of BURNT wire in the breaker box due to loose connection. No thermostat, safety, thermister will cause this.... :D

I flipped the leads (moved from one side to the other) red and black nothing happened, same problem.  Checked the voltage at the main terminal block, it held a constant 240V.

I will pull the outlet out of the wall and ceck the wire condition next.

After confirming power is good, and main pcb ( NOT display) has been replaced with new and same problem persists, I would trip the belt switch ( TAKES the MOTOR out) and see if it continues to run. :D

All the power checks out good, there was a small drop on the white relay but nothing I would be concerned with.

I tripped the belt switch and the display stayed on but noting else ran.  Does that mean the motor is bad?


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