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Need Service Manual for Jenn-Air JJW9630DDB


Called Jenn-Air and they will not sell me a service manual for a JJW9630DDB double wall-mount oven.

The problem I'm having is pretty simple - the oven light stays on after the oven door is closed. Verified the oven light switch is off, and I can get the light to turn off if the right amount of pressure and play is applied to the door. The problem is probably the door switch or the door light switch rod is out of alignment. Thought there might be something in a service manual about the door light switch alignment/adjustment. Any help appreciated.


Here is the service manual.;sa=view;down=407

I'm betting it's a faulty door switch.

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

Thanks for posting.

As I looked at the switch, I saw the back screw had loosened and was laying next to the switch. As you pushed the light rod, the switch swung up and the rod wouldn't push the switch plunger properly. I performed a continuity on the switch and as per the service manual, the switch should keep continuity all the through the plunger's depression into switch. However, I get continuity initially, but when the plunger is pushed deeper into the switch, I lose continuity completely. So it appears the switch is bad.

I put everything back together and the door switch works as it should. Apparently, the rod only pushes the switch's plunger within the range that the switch gets continuity. I'm going to order another switch, since it failed the test as specified within the manual.

Thanks for the manual!

Sounds good, thanks for the update.  O0

Elizabeth Greene:
I stumbled on this looking for the service manual.  Thank you so much.

I am in your debt.



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