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106.52552.100 Kenmore side by side ice maker issues

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Good morning,  Thank you for all the great information on this website!  I was able to track down and test to narrow the issue.
We have a Kenmore 106.52552.100 side by side that we have been trouble shooting for a few weeks.  The refgerator froze every thing in the refg and the freezer temp is 19 degrees below zero...  The unit would not defrost, so we replaced the control panel and now it defrosts, but the ice maker will not make ice.  the freezer is still very cold, ice cream as hard as a way to scoop out with out letting sit for 5 or 10 minutes.

Based on the information on the web site we downloaded the icemaker manual and started the tests,  The optics code is three flashes on the LED, so that tells me the optics do not recognize the ice maker.  So I removed the ice maker and cleaned it up let it thawout.
When reinstalled it makes one round of ice and stops.

My thoughts, and would appreciate yours!...
1.  Replace the freezer thermostat, 19 below is too cold?
2.  Replace the icemaker thermostat?
3.  Replace the entire ice maker?

I truly appreciate your guidance and assistance...
Happy New Year,



Pull refrigerator out and on the picture i sent you number# 13 part is a fast disconnect.This is the tube that lets water in ice maker by that black grommet on freezer ceiling.Push down on it and it will come off.Then see if you can blow threw there to check for ice blockage.If you can't  that black grommet is frozen.Next if you know how to make a cheater cord to apply 120 volts to the solenoid on the water valve that has the smaller tubing and connects to that# 13 part This will let water flow in the unconnected disconnect #13 part.Of course up plug refrigerator using cheater cord.If you have no water the valve is bad if the dispenser works.Whats left is icemaker or optic .Most of time its the icemaker if water valve is good Use manual J.W sent to find out.

Good afternoon JW and dab,

Thank you for your help.
I have run the jumper sequence twice.
On the first run I had to remove the icemaker to discard the existing ice in the tray.
I have run the sequence and the unit cycled with the optics LED showing two five second flashes showing the icemaker is working with the optics.
I let the ice freeze and jumped again.  The unit dumped the ice and refilled, but the optics are flashing two three flashes telling the optics does not recognize the ice maker is attached...

Are there other things I should try or check?
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.


I forgot and left this imporatnt fact out of my last post
I was able to blow through the water line to the ice maker.


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