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ge dishwasher keypad


I have a ge dishwasher model pwdt580p00ss and its stuck in 105 minute cycle keypad is unresponsive most of the time and option lights are not working. Could it be in the control module?

Or the key pad, recheck your model number please.


--- Quote from: niobrara on December 24, 2012, 05:42:20 PM ---Or the key pad, recheck your model number please.

--- End quote ---
pdwt580p00ss. I personally would pull and clean/check the ribbon cable/connector and go from there JUST to rule out the unresponsive bottons.... Could have a stuck timer in the MAIN PCB :D

Checked and cleaned the ribbon cable and connections. the lack of any option lights made me look at the touch pad. How can I test the timer?


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