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GE Profile Oven M#PGB916SEM1SS - convection does not come on

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All areas of the range work.  When you select convection bake, the heat comes on, but the fan does not.  Oven light comes on when door opens and turns off when closes.  I replaced the ERC, but no change.

On these units, the fan will not start right away, even on convection, it has to reach a certain temp. (Sorry the actual temp escapes me.) But I had one recently doing the same thing, and it was a bad door switch, even though the oven light functioned properly.

when you say - bad motor switch - are you talking about door lock motor? or something else.  If I put the unit into self clean the door lock works fine - full cycle and all.  No errors or faults.  I was going to swap out the door switch - even though it seems to check out for continuity.  I will revisit the GE site for a user manual as to what temp will trigger the fan.  No electric is getting to the fan motor itself.

The conv fan is delayed on some models up to ten minutes. How long did you let it sit while in conv bake?

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How many minutes, I am not sure.  I did set it to 350 and when the pre-heat was reached the fan did not come on.  I will be going back with a new door switch later this week to try that and sit and watch the range.  I will give an update by Friday of this week.


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