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Missing Model# on Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

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My customer has a Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator that needs a new control board. For some reason all of the identification has been removed and very challenging finding parts. My area supply houses couldn't find any matches. Based on the numbers on the board it looks to be an LG.  Talking to LG was a waste of time and energy. Any thoughts?

Any numbers on the gray plastic, other side?

I didn't see any but I could have missed them.  I had to reinstall it back in the frig so they would at least have something for the time being.

Kenmore Elite would be LG built. However if the model number is missing, that usually denotes a store return that should have been destroyed, and not for resale. Did they buy this new, or from an outlet store or something?

They said they bought it from a friend for $1000.


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