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Bissell Momentum Bagless Vacuum Model 3910 making very loud noise

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Here is another number I found on the plate 06318021975.  I don't know the age of this vacuum.  I took it apart completely and it was pretty dirty inside.  Cleaned it all out put in new filters plus HEPA filter and it is still very loud.  I was told it probably needed new bearings and brushes, or is it the motor itself.   Does your site carry these parts.  Also looking for a manual and parts list.  Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.



You can find parts for that model at this link.

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Model 3910 Parts


I just fixed my Bissell vacuum.  It was super loud also.  I had to get a new brush roller.  An easy way to test it is to remove the belt and run the vacuum, if it sounds fine with the belt off replace the roller brush and the belt while you're at it.

Ok, I will try it.  Easy fix if it works for me.

 Thanks so much....glenda


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