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I put clothes in the dryer yesterday, closed the door, turned it on, and about 1 minute later there was a loud thud and it stopped spinning and working. There was also an odor of something hot or burning. Nothing caught on fire, so the odor did not last, but the dryer won't turn on now. :(

Any ideas if this is something that can be fixed (or worth fixing)?


Maybe belt broke. Does dryer have a belt switch? If so its not gonna run.

I don't see a belt switch on this model, but I would still check the belt to see if it broke.

Your model dryer uses belt part # 661570

See Help Video

After taking a second look at the diagram I believe there is a belt switch on this model.
So with that being the case if the belt broke it would kill power to the dryer until the belt has been replaced.

Let us know what you find.

How do I get into the dryer to check if the belt is the problem?


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