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Hi, I'm an expert at fixing laser printers -- that's how I make a living, but I don't know microwave repair, so I'm looking for a little advice. I have a Whirlpool GH5184xp over the range microwave that is vented out the back wall. It's about 6 years old, and for the past several years has had a problem in the winter where the fan sound doesn't start up right away in the winter months (not the exhaust fan - that's fine). I'm guessing it's a fan because that's what it sounds like.  I see a 12 volt fan in the parts diagram which I'm guessing is supposed to cool the inverter and the cold air is effecting its rotation? The problem is that the there is intermittent heat, a few zapping noises, and a burnt electronic smell. The same as this which suggests the Inverter (high voltage magnatron supply).

I'm considering closing off the external venting to prevent the cold air from coming in contact with the microwave. The inverter is $125, but considering time and hassle I may just replace the microwave with a new unit. Anyone have any recommendations for good brands of microwaves or recommendations on repair?

Buy whatever brand you like,pay the least amount possible. And when you have a problem ,replace it .

Almost any microwave nowadays is cheaper to replace rather than repair sadly. I personally chose a Hi- End SHARP convection microwave with confidence. SHARP is my favorite brand in microwaves, but beware of their VERY low end product line. :D

thanks guys, that's what I'll do, get a new one.

I really like the Accuwave heating system in some of the Whirlpool microwave models. It works really well, instead of 100% power switched on and off depending on power level selected, the Accuwave system continuously delivers the selected power level. Here is the description

Also here is an excellent link from a chef's perspective:

Besides Whirlpool (GE?) and Panasonic, anyone know of any other brands that use the inverter technology? I would have thought it would be more common.


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