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Hello. I've been trying to do some DIY trouble shooting of my dryer. The symptom is that it would run fine for 10 minutes, but then it would blow cold air. If I restart the dryer, it will continue to blow cold air. If I let the dryer cool down for 10 minutes, it will start hot again, but will cool off after 10 minutes. I checked a couple things after googling around.

The lint filter was clean.

The exhaust vent was not blocked.

The temperature sensor connectivity were good (the ones next to the burner). The fuse was good. I'm not too sure how to check the high temp sensor next to the fuse.

I then checked the two solenoids with an ohm meter. I got 1-2: 600 Ohms, 1-3: 1900 Ohms; 2-3: 1400 Ohms, 4-5: 1300 Ohms. Some values were 50 Ohms off of the specifications, but that might be multimeter error. It appears the solenoids are fine. However, I did not check the solenoids while hot, which is when I have problems.

The symptoms seems to suggest the solenoids are going bad, so I may replace them anyways since they are not too expensive. However, shipping takes 7-10 days. Anyone have any suggestions of more trouble shooting while I wait?

You have a classic failure of the solenoids. They will work when cold but quit after they warm up. I would replace them.

See that little plastic cover on the front panel?  Take that off and peek through the hole while the dryer is running.  If you see the ignitor glow and then go out without lighting any gas, you know the coils are bad.

My how it works home movie:

LOL. I was working on a commercial dryer in an apartment laundry and was laying on the floor with my head pressed up against the front panel. A lady came in to check on her laundry and came over and asked if I was OK.I hadn't thought about how strange that must look. She probably thought I had passed out.


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