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Maytag Atlantis MDG7400AWW Repair Manual Gas Dryer


Good day - would anyone have by chance a manual for this model. I need to diagnose the issue with the timer and possibly the intellidry sensors and control board that might be causing the no power issue to the timer motor. Feel foolish that i automatically faulted the timer, replaced it and am NOW doing some homework. Any help would be appreciated.  Denis R.


That would be this service manual, but  being you took the time to post and share with us what was wrong with the dryer I have sent you a free copy via PM.;sa=view;id=99

Maytag Dryer MDG7400AWW Repair Parts & Diagrams

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions or what you find wrong.

Thanks for posting.  O0

Try removing and cleaning the contacts on the dryness board itself. Re install and retry. Corrosion sometimes gets on the contacts. As wet cloths rub the sensors a capacitor gets discharged on that board. If the capacitor no longer gets discharged the timer motor is activated and moves the timer to end of cycle. If cleaning the contacts don't fix it you might need another board but first try to clean it. Seen it.


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