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new motor wiring problem

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can anyone help me with the wiring insruction for the motor w10410999.
been there done that but cant remember for the life of me on how to wire this motor in a maytag gas dryer
dg7600  i know whirlpool screw up the wiring instuctions and it is differant than what is stated in the directions
have blue wire,grey wire,red wire,yellow wire, white wire ,black wire,  got frustrated and told customer i finish it tomorrow


Hope this helps.

thanks but that looks like the hook up to a whirlpool dryer
this is going into maytag dryer.
  i knew going into this the instruction sheet was screwed up
but thank you for the effort..

Note that since about 2004, Maytag = Whirlpool        Same chinese factory, different label on the front!

The following info was available under the part listed:
12/10/12 Mon. Hello. Looking for some help. I purchased motor w10410999. Made connections as indicated but motor not working. Wiring from dryer RED, GREY, BLACK, 2 YELLOWS, (Light BLUE & WHITE). All connections made but nothing seems to be happening. I did not used jumper. What is the proper connections ?? Thank u

Joe for Model Number Dryer. Maytag, Serial # 852130RX Model: DG22CS. SERIES 03.

    Answer Hello Joe. Grey goes to the 1/4 thermal tab. Red goes to number 5. Blue&white goes to number 1. Black goes to number 2. Yellow goes to number 6. You will Reterminate Red and Blue Leads in the same 1/8" Insulated Terminal and Connect to Switch Tab 5. Connect the Blue Lead to 1/4" Tab 1. And make sure to Remove Blue Jumper Lead between Switch Terminal 4 and 1/4" Protector Tab , connect Grey Harness lead to 1/4" Protector Tab. Reterminate Yellow Lead with 1/8" Insulated Terminal and Connect to Switch Tab 6. Make sure the door switch is hooked up and the thermal fuse is good on the unit as well. 

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