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Where is the thermistor and how do I access it? SOS!


I am getting the error code tE and want to check the thermistor but not sure exactly where and how best to access it.  I took off the metal panel in the back of the machine and was hoping it would be easily visible but it isn't.  From the back, I can see in the front what may be the spot but can't figure out a way to get to it IF that is where it is.  I read where one person got to it by simply taking off the metal panel and then where others have said they had to turn the machine on its side - not what I want to do.  I would like to find out the easiest way to get to it.  I have the owner's manual but need the service manual for my specific model and/or some guide (preferable with pictures for dummies) on how to get to this part.

Model number?

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To me, sounds like a front loader... To which they are all very similar. The thermistor is located on the front of the outer tub assembly NEAR or ON the heater assembly(This depends on model number). Video below shows all needed to get you going and the thermistor is shown around 20 minutes and 45 seconds in. Often times, the quick connect is causing a loose connection due to various reasons. I always refer to mt RTD chart and if within spec, I butt connect the wiring together and give it a go... :D


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