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GE Profile Front Load Washer won't Spin

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Does it pump fast?

The friggy front loaders will wash, but won't spin if the switch is bad. It's weird. I've never had the chance to tear one apart to see why that happens.

On the models with electronic control you can get it to go into a spin test with a bad door switch. Like I said... They're weird.

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Check that you have both prongs on your door strike. It's located on the door. p# 131763302

Pump seems to be fine - obviously, wasn't able to benchmark the pump rate prior to this issue - seems to be operating fine during normal wash cycle.  As for the prongs to the door, check, they are fine.  Have used a toothpick and compressed air to ensure no foreign debris was in there that could possibly negate proper connection to switch. 

Once this is fixed, I will post the solution....whenever that is!  At least, someone else that encounters the same issue will have quick remedy via this site. 

Okay - now, the machine is not agitating.  Am going to declare this machine is of the female variety.  Help!  No spin - no agitating. 


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