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GE Profile Front Load Washer won't Spin

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GE Profile Front Load Washer - Model WPXH214

She runs fine through the wash cycles, but won't Spin when it comes times to Spin.  Times a tickin' and Mama ain't happy.  Now, the challenge to my newest dear friends, is to provide the perfect fix-it solution so I don't spend my entire weekend on this particular project.

I have become quite proficient on repairing parts on it's twin - the GE Profile Dryer.  This, however, is new to me. 

 :cheers:   ----am hopeful to be celebrating with these soon!

One other note - checked to ensure no water blockage at hose and water pump.  Reinstalled. 

Probably a bad door switch. This is a GE model made by Frigidaire. Maybe someone can find the Frigidaire part number for the door switch and save you a few bucks.

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Question - wow, what a quick and easy remedy!  However, couple of quick questions;  1) Why would a faulty door switch allow for clothes to be washed, but not spin?  2)  Any way to pre-test this switch?  Don't want to just spend $70 on what could be wrong, only to learn it's something else(???).

Help - Mama still ain't happy!


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