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Centennial Washer MVWC200xw0


Hi Folks,

First post...  been looking around for what i need... cant seem to find it.  Hope some of you knowledgeable folks will give some tips.  I'm a mechanic/inspector by trade and my Pop is a retired Sears technician so i have some technical fire power at hand.  Problem is Pop doesn't know the new fangled washers.. he retired 18 years ago... and still has a set of Maytag tools, however obsolete they may be for this model.

I have the MVWC200xw0 that is 6 months out of warranty.  It is one belt model with the standard Whirlpool gear case.  It is throwing oil all under the washer and had oil dripping off the belt guard.  So I did some investigating and decided the gearbox has a bad seal and have a new gearbox, tub seal, and belt sitting in the living room floor.

All I have to go on is the parts breakdown i got off Sears website.  I found plenty of direct drive and two belt info, but the web is mute on the one belt gearbox replacement.

Now the big question...  Is there a good reason for the absence of gearbox replacement on this model...  like it's next to impossible??  Just looking at, it doesn't look THAT difficult.



Service Manual.

That ought to git 'er done.  I couldn't make the connection between brands/models when i was looking for it.

Many thanks!


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