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Has anyone found where to get a mini manual for GE Refs?  I'm talking about the manual/diagram originally attached to the appliance.  Need info for PSS25NGMD.  I am retired appliance tech but am not familiar with these electronic marvels.  Have defrost problem.  Thanks.

Hi Jimgu,

Service manual sent via PM.
Hope it helps.

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the GE ref manual you sent.  It has been helpful, however when getting to self diagnostics the instructions are for a single digit control and mine is a two digit.  I could find no way to enter the self diagnostics.  Any suggestions here?

If your having a defrost issue there is a high possibility that either the heater p# wr51x10101 or mother board p# wr55x10942 is faulty. Most likely the heater. Ohm it out.


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