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Maytag Washer Transmissions Part 35-5475

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Here is the placement of the gear (picture). These gears can be repaired with a little patience and epoxy and will work adequately for some time. Repaired a few in my day. I also found that Whirlpool will sell this part FOR EXPORT ONLY out of the country. GO FIGURE ! TRANSMISSION SALES ARE UP I BET.

Plastic gears in a transmission....pathetic

P.S. - FYI that bolt on the top of the gear is LEFT HANDED THREAD, If anyone finds the need to remove it to repair the wings that break off!

How did you even get into the transmission?

Those transmissions were never meant to be repaired.Is it worth it to do a repair that is not permanent? I take it that you do this in used machines that are for resale not customers machines.


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