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Maytag Washer Transmissions Part 35-5475

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  It was in an article about the plastic gears used in the transmission. It talked about Jack Crain, the inventor of the transmission, and stated, "Maytag’s requirements called for the transmission to last at least 15 years in residential service." It also states, "After the plastic gears passed laboratory life tests, Maytag put them into production- line washing machines in September, 1996. To date, the new units have performed satisfactorily with no surprises." This article was written in 2000.


Interesting, thanks.

Eric I think I might have a couple (dozen) transmissions in the shop. I believe I may have photo's that I took of the transmission being disassembled that I'll try to forward to you. If not I'll rip one down and document it and photograph every step. Might take a little bit though.



  That would be great Blaise! I would really appreciate that effort and it would be good info to have available on this site.


Put it on youtube even


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