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Maytag Washer Transmissions Part 35-5475

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Does anyone know if this Maytag Transmission Part can be obtained or purchased? It is the most common part that fails in a Maytag Transmission.
This is the agitate/spin drive gear. The "Wings" of this gear break and makes the transmission useless unless you epoxy the "WINGS" back on and drill then epoxy the wings back on and reinstall. (I know this because my dad has been doing this for years!) But I want to see if I can find someone in this world who manufacturers this part. The Part # is stamped on the wing of the gear that reads "35-5475" - Someone has to know who manufactured it, if so please inform.


Another Picture

Which model of Maytag is that from? I've never seen it.

Maytag Performa - PAVT244AWW

This is common in most Maytag Transmissions.

Your best bet maybe to salvage one out of a used Maytag.


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