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Has anyone have problem with thermal safety's continue to blow.They last about a month. I have checked air flow ,lint screen change the thermistor all operations seem good .They do have a vent that goes down thru flloor with a quick 45 degree turn.Left out to run still blows ? Any suggestions thxs Dave

I have the same problem with my aunts Cabrio dryer. I've put three thermal fuses on it and they keep blowing. I've checked everything. I'm curious if anyone else had encountered this.

No model number because I keep forgetting to write it down...

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if its electric check to see if element sagging had on that didnt show
up for sometime then found it  grounding outcausing heat to stay on

I would definitely check the duct work, whether internal or exterior. That fuse is blowing because there is a restriction some where. Do some investigating starting from inside the internal cabinet, then blower chamber. You can always run the Dryer (If electric) without the 4" Hose hooked up. DO NOT RUN WITHOUT A VENT LINE ATTACHED IF THIS IS A GAS DRYER (CARBON MONOXIDE)!!But definitely run it with your wifes old stocking attached (to catch the lint) to the back and see if it still blows. That way you can eliminate the exterior duct work theory. I had my own Dryer do the same thing and found out that the little finches birds outside made a little home just inside the wall of the vent line causing a flow restriction. Also any time you have a 90' Degree bend in your vent line that eliminate roughly 8 feet of vent hose of the 40' feet that is maximum run recommended.

I've run into probably half a dozen with this problem. The thermal fuse is rated at 90 degrees C. Temps seem to be topping out at 87 to 90 C unvented. Of course the thermal fuse fails. Thermistor was the cause on one, the others were fixed by replacing the control board.


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